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Nova Series 100 AH Lithium 12 Volt Battery


1200 Watt Hour LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Battery

Built For - Casual / weekend off-grid living. Small van, camper, and truck builds.
Energy Dense – Pack up to 300% more useable energy in the same foot print and half the weight.
Maximum Superior Power Output – Our batteries pack a high power 200 amp BMS, enabling you to power high energy appliances like induction cook tops.
Ultimate Longevity – Tested for 3500+ cycles means 500% more usage than your leading Lead Acid / AGM battery, and 75% more than conventional lithium batteries.
Built In Protection – Our batteries are protected against over charge, deep discharge, overheating, short circuit, and many other dangerous conditions.
Bluetooth Integration – Bluetooth integrated settings and parameters for both advanced and beginner builders.
The Nova Series 100 AH Lithium Battery is built for longevity, and superior power output. Boasting a 200 amp BMS, there is virtually nothing this battery can’t power. This battery is perfect for weekend camper and truck builds as well as casual van living. Pair this with our solar charger and inverter / charger to keep this battery topped off.

Why No Taxes?

Going granola doesn’t stop at environmental awareness. At Teragy Solar, we’re dedicated to cultivating a company worth existing. A company who’s focus isn’t purely based on profits and growth, but customer experience, environmental impact, and reliability. This is why our sales goals always come second - and with that, comes tax savings we pass on to you.

As a yearly special, we pass our tax savings down to our customer. Based on state published sales tax and nexus laws, we keep track of our sales in every state. As long as our sales are below your state’s taxable threshold, you are exempt from paying sales tax. We do this extra work, to help lighten up your project budget. Need more details? Read more about sales tax here.

Buy today and save now. This “No Sales Tax” special expires as soon as we reach your state’s tax threshold.


Electrical Characteristics

Nominal Voltage 12.8V Nominal Capacity 100.00Ah
Energy 1200W Internal Resistance 4mΩ / Main Discharging Circuit
Cycle Life >3500 0.5C charge and discharge Cell Balancing (cell voltage) 3.405V
Self Discharge ≤3.5% per Month at 77°F

Standard Charging

Max. Charging Voltage 14.0V~14.6V Charging Mode At 32°F~113°F temperature, charged to 14.8V at a constant current of 0.5C, and then, charged continuosly with constant voltage of 14.8V until the current was not more than 0.05C.
Charging Current 50A Avg @ .5C Max Charging Current 200A
Over Charge Detection 14.6V Over Charge Release 14.2V

Standard Discharging

Discharging Current 100A Avg / 200A Max Max Continuous Current 200V
Max Pulse Current 220A, ( ≤ 3 Seconds ) Discharging Cut-Off Voltage 10V
Over Discharge Detection 300A Over Discharge Release 10.2V Avg
Charge Temperature 32°F~131°F


Discharge Over Current Protection 800A Over Current Delay Time 1000mS
Short Circuit Protection 2400A Short Circuit Protection Delay Time 300uS Avg

Temperature Protection

Over Tempeprature Protection 167°F Avg Over Tempeprature Protection Recovery 163.4°F
Low Temperature Protection Can be set through BMS Low Temperature Protection Recovery Can be set through BMS

Operation Condition

Operating Temperature 5°F~167°F Operating Relative Humidity 0% ≤ 95%
Storage Temperature 32°F~86°F Storage Relative Humidity ≤75%
Storage Atmospheric Pressure 86kPa ~ 106kPa Water / Dust Resistance IP55


Casing ABS Dimentions (L, W, H) Approx. 12.9" x 6.8" x 8.5"
Weight Approx. 22.5 lb Terminal MG

How is shipping handled?

Shipping and freight costs are calculated at final check out. Shipping costs associated to equipment shipped outside of freight are final. Freight shipping costs will be finalized after the sale, as freight costs can vary based on destination, weight, size, and season. In the event freight shipping costs surpass estimated costs, a Teragy Representative will call to assist in paying the rest of the balance.


What are the warranties like?

Teragy Solar provides a 12 year limited lifetime warranty on all Teragy Solar branded products sold. Warranties cover manufacturer and construction defects, based on average equipment usage. All third-party products including MPP Solar and Blue Sun solar panels, have deferred warranties. Teragy Solar is happy to help manage, facilitate and expedite the execution of third party warranties, but are ultimately not responsible for a manufacturers failure in response rate, reliability, or execution of said warranty.


How are returns processed?

All returns must be received in unopened, original packaging, within 30 days of the purchase date of equipment. Within these guidelines, customers will receive 100% of their money back.


Can I get technical help?

Yes! Within the first 30 days of purchase date, all Teragy Solar customers are entitled to 2 hours of customer support. Use the attached Customer Support PIN to unlock this access, and we’re happy to answer an questions you have regarding equipment settings, troubleshooting, or equipment additions. Basic electrical knowledge is required.


More questions?

Take a look at our Terms and Conditions. Or Call us!


The Teragy off grid Specialties

RV’s, Camper Vans and Expedition Trucks

Teragy batteries are built rugged with a standard IP55 rating for dust and water proofing. No adventure stops a Teragy battery from powering your inspiration.

Sail Boats, Trolling Motors, and Marine Applications

Stay off grid and on the water doing what you love. Teragy batteries keep you consistently powered when you don’t want to go home.

Tiny Homes and Off Grid Homesteads

Our battery outputs two and a half times more power than all of our competitors, to help diversify your electrical needs in remote places.

Travel Trailers and Mobile Living

Feel right at home using our battery systems. Teragy battery cells are built to last over 3500 cycles, saving you money for the small things in life.

Curated products for real world use

We pick, choose, and test every component using real world expectations. Our gear has been pushed to its specified limits. The controls have withstood intense criticism at the hands of our technicians. We break a lot of gear testing - to make sure every customer purchase is in confidence.

Curated products for real world use

We pick, choose, and test every component using real world expectations. Our gear has been pushed to its specified limits. The controls have withstood intense criticism at the hands of our technicians. We break a lot of gear testing - to make sure every customer purchase is in confidence.

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