Terms and Conditions

Shipping Policy

Teragy Solar provides shipping services to customers within the United States and Canada. The Customer must use a specific street address for shipping. The USPS does not allow batteries to ship to Post Office boxes.

Teragy Solar cannot ship items by air, as delivering lithium phosphate batteries by air is too dangerous. Orders needing freight can be shipped by boat as necessary. All shipping charges involving freight are estimates to the best of our abilities. If needed, a Teragy Solar representative will call you to collect the remaining balance in the event freight charges surpass the estimated cost. The specifics will vary by order.

Teragy Solar reserves the right to decline any order by freight. Orders that are too large or small may not be eligible for freight service. The Customer will receive full details on whether Teragy Solar can ship the product and what transportation measures will work.

Shipping Cost

Occasionally, Teragy Solar offers free shipping on all products to customers in the continental United States and Canada. On orders outside of our free shipping specials, freight charges are commonly estimated upon checkout. In the event your freight shipping surpasses your estimated shipping cost, a Teragy Solar representative will call you to collect the remaining shipping balance. 

While free shipping is available to customers in Canada, it will cost extra to order an item that is out of stock in Canada but is available in the United States. Shipping and customs fees may apply, plus duty and GST may be imposed based on the value of the order. Additional shipping charges may apply for orders going to Alaska or Hawaii. Import taxes will vary by country. Customers should consult with their local judiciary office for help finding specific tax rules in the area.

Delivery Measures and Times

Most orders are processed using UPS Ground for domestic shipping. Customers will receive a tracking number when the order ships. It takes about five to eight days for orders to ship after order placement. An additional one to three days will be necessary for packing and shipping the battery from the warehouse.

For orders or shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, Teragy Solar will use FedEx, DHL, or USPS. The option depends on the product the Customer orders and where it will go. Teragy Solar will provide further details on additional charges for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or other countries as necessary. Expedited or overnight shipping is not available for any purchases due to federal shipping rules surrounding the transport of batteries.

Order Status

Customers can contact Teragy Solar at Info@TeragySolar.com for questions about orders. The customer service team will respond in about two business days following the request.

Payment Methods

Teragy Solar accepts all major credit card payments, including payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Available Discounts

Teragy Solar may provide discounts to consumers on occasion, including special deals for veterans. Special offers are also open to clients who wish to offer batteries to other parties for philanthropy purposes.

Processing Returns

Teragy Solar offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all purchases. Any product the Customer returns must be intact and undamaged.

The following rules apply for returns at Teragy:

  • All third party products including MPP Solar, and Blue Sun brand are final sale. This includes all in one inverters / controllers, solar panels, and solar panel pallets.
  • All Teragy Solar branded products are available for return, provided the product is undamaged and in working condition. All products found non-working will fall within our warranty policy.
  • A 30% restocking fee may be deducted from the return if the battery is outside its original package or said package is open. This fee will apply to orders where a refund is possible.
  • A restocking fee will not apply if the product is unopened and intact in its original package.
  • All sales are final after 30 days from the date of purchase, and no returns will be accepted.

Return Shipping Price

Customers are responsible for shipping charges involving returns. The shipping cost will vary depending on the shipper and order size. Check with local shipping partners in the area for details on what it may cost to ship a product for return. Teragy Solar recommends UPS ground services, as they offer more competitive rates on average, but be sure to look at all other options to figure out what may work. Customers can contact their local UPS Store location for details on how to ship batteries as necessary. Customers can contact support at info@teragysolar.com to learn where to ship their products and to request additional information.

How to Ship Returns

All lithium batteries must ship through secure and specially-marked boxes with static-free wrapping. These shipping rules comply with DOT and FAA regulations for transporting lithium batteries. All battery returns must also be shipped in UN-spec boxes and packaged based on federal rules in the local area. Customers can contact the local shipping center for details on the rules where they live. The local FedEx office or UPS Store are ideal places to consider for assistance. Customers can ship returns to Teragy Solar through a traceable measure to the following address. Be sure to provide a note with a name, address, order number, and a description of the concern for the order:

2130 N. Kilpatrick ST.

Suite 17143

Portland, OR 97217

Customer Support

Teragy Solar offers free support for all products sold on the website, within the first 30 days of the purchase date. Customers can use the Support PIN included in every order to access technical support at Teragy Solar. Questions about system settings, maintenance, and basic usage can be answered, excluding questions about installation. Because of the high-risk nature of electrical systems, equipment purchased through Teragy Solar must be installed by a professional. 

Customer Support Liability

Customers using technical support will accept all liabilities associated with the service.  Any customer who calls technical support for help should have basic knowledge of how 12V, and 48V solar systems work alongside various points on electrical systems. Basic knowledge about electrical current, solar components, and theory are required. Any accidents resulting in the physical injury of anyone or the damage of any property, whether it is the Customer’s or someone else’s, will be the Customer’s responsibility. Teragy Solar cannot be held responsible for any damages and harm caused by a customer’s solar project. 

Twelve-Year Warranty

Teragy Solar provides a twelve-year warranty on all Teragy products, and a deferred warranty to all third party equipment and products. Our warranty is detailed below:

  • Teragy Solar uses a twelve-year manufacturer defect warranty on all Teragy branded products, and a manufacturer deferred warranty on all third party products. Replacement or repair of the product will be arranged if there appears to be a defected.
  • Teragy Solar will facilitate and attempt to expedite the warranty process on all third party equipment, for the customer.
  • Third party warranty handling, response times, and reliability is not within the responsibility of Teragy Solar.
  • For all Teragy branded products, Teragy Solar offers a full replacement warranty for the first year of use. The year-long period starts after the purchase date.
  • The replacement value for all Teragy Solar products diminishes by 25% each year after the first year. By the fifth year and all years following, the replacement value will be 25% of the total value of the product.
  • All warranties are void if the equipment experiences physical damage, misuse, or excessive use.
  • A battery must not be consistently discharged or charged over 80 amps. The warranty on the battery will be void if used improperly.
  • Any product that is broken due to user negligence or improper use will require repairs at a charge of $165 per hour to the Customer.
  • Customers are responsible for shipping and storing their equipment when returning it to Teragy Solar. Customers will have to pay any fees or insurance costs for their return. Teragy Solar recommends using a professional shipping service like a UPS Store or FedEx office. Shipping insurance is highly recommended. If the product is damaged on its way to warranty or return, it will void the warranty.
  • Review the warranty card in the package. Fill it out and send the warranty card within 90 days from purchase to activate the warranty.
  • Warranties are non-transferrable, as they can only work for the original product owner.
  • A warranty can only work for the exchange of a equal cost component once.

    Customers who require assistance can contact Teragy at info@teragysolar.com

    No Tax Specials

    As a small online retailer, Teragy Solar reserves the right to dismiss sales taxes to the first $100,000 in sales within each state. After the state threshold is reached, all “No Tax Specials” will cease within the state the special is running in. For some states, the absence of sales taxes from our online store does not guarantee complete tax immunity. Customers within these states may be expected to self-report sales taxes at the end of the year. 

    How To Become a Teragy Dealer

    Become a dealer with us at Teragy today! Bulk and wholesale orders are taken via the Teragy Solar hotline. Check the website or contact Teragy Solar for details on wholesale and custom orders and what bulk purchase discounts are available. Visit the dealer page for details on becoming a dealer with Teragy Solar. Retailers can complete the form on this page to start an inquiry. Direct contact is available at info@teragysolar.com for all dealer and wholesale questions.

    Data Security

    Teragy Solar ensures the security of Customers’ private data and does not sell data outside parties. Teragy Solar uses the data only for delivery, warranty, and support purposes.