Solar Panels

Solar panels built
to be walked on
or sun tanned on.

    4 products

    4 products

    Nova Series 12 Volt 225 Watt Walkable Solar Panel-top view
    Only 2 items in stock!
     Nova Series Walkable Solar Panel - 160W 12V-top view
    Only 13 items in stock!
     BlueSun 24 Volt 370 Watt Solar Panel from TeraGy Solar
    Only 151 items in stock!
    BlueSun 24 Volt 370 Watt Pallet high-efficiency solar panel from Teragy Solar
    Only 3 items in stock!

    ETFE Coated Construction

    Life time lasting anti-slip surfacing for solar decking you can walk on. Or hang out on. Or store gear on.

    Perfect Fit for Your Build

    At 47 inches wide, our panels fit perfectly on Sprinter, Promaster, Transit, and Econoline roofs. More wattage, in less space.

    Bring Down Your Budget

    Avoid contracting and fabricating custom solar decking, and maximize your van build project at less than half the price.

    Systems Builder Coming Soon!