How Much Voltage Am I Going to Drop?

How much voltage drop is too much? Use this calculator to understand and plan for voltage drop. If you haven’t read our tutorials about the Math of Solar, brush up on your electrical lingo before continuing. If you’re an experienced electrician, you can probably do this in your head.

Wire type:  
Resistivity: Ω·m
Wire diameter size:
Wire/cable length (one way):
Current type:
Voltage in volts: V
Current in amps: A
Voltage drop in volts: V
Percentage of voltage drop: %
Wire resistance: Ω
Disclaimer: These calculators are third party, standardized calculators. Usage of these calculators are for educational purposes only. Building electrical systems without the supervision and help of a licensed professional may result in financial loss, physical and mental injury, property damage, and in some cases death. Teragy LLC does not condone, promote, encourage or help its audience in assembling unlicensed solar systems.