Teragy solar system builder

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    What application are you building for?

    Not sure how to get started? No worries! Let's begin with where your system will be installed. We'll tune the calculations and equipment suggestions to match the application you choose here.

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    Appliances selector

    What will the system will power?

    Appliances selector

    Select appliances

    Let's build the solar setup around your lifestyle. Be sure to dig into the details here, as mistakes can drastically change the budget of your project. Don't worry though-we'll walk you through it.

    Choose appliances you'll use on a daily basis, then adjust their basic details. If you get stuck, try out our Math of Solar tutorial and get caught up.

    What will the system will power?

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    Sustainability strategy

    How you'll use the system


    Strategy & Sustainability

    How often will you use your grid system? Are you building a seasonal camper, or full timing in a van? Do you need a robust fully off-grid system for your remote cabin? The Strategies below help determine how to set up your solor panels and battery bank.

    Economical + Light use

    Medium use + Scalability

    Full time use + Sustainability

    Spending a lot of time traveling or off-grid? Not sure where life will take you? This strategy will meet your energy demands and leave room for future growth. It will build your battery bank to maintain 100% of your energy needs, and collect 125% of your daily usage via the solar array.

    Specific use adjustment

    Want to fine tune the system? How cautious do you want to be in estimating your power needs? You can tweak
    the specific, or Skip this and use our defaults.

    Avr. daylight during use

    Battery sustainability %

    Solar sustainability %

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    Solar Array Wizard

    Select a configuration

    Solar Array Wizard


    Solar array wizard

    Let's build your solar array. Tweak and tune the specs to your liking, and we'll do the rest. If you need help, check out our Solar You Ready? (Pun intended) tutorial.

    Wiring strategy

    Controller Voltage (VOC)

    Controller Max Amps

    Panel Voltage (VOC)

    Panal Amps (IMP)

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    Build my custom system

    Putting it all together

    Putting it all together

    Ready to see your complete system spec?

    Based on your info, we've compiled:

    Your Complete Daily Power Usage

    Use this number to help size up your battery bank and solar panel needs.

    Custom Equipment Specs to Fit Your Demands

    Includes solar controller specs, battery bank size, and estimate of your solar array sizing.

    Your Sustainability Estimate and more. An excerpt:

    Battery Recharge Time

    Use Recovery Hours

    Total Sustainability

    First Name

    Last Name