We Are Not Your Typical Professionals In Solar.

All of us know solar is a clean, available energy resource, ripe for fixing many of our world’s problems.

The hard part is making it accessible. Its making this technology and lifestyle available to middle and lower income friends – so we can declutter the way we spend ourtime.


Like You, We Made The Choice To Pursue Off Grid Culture

Our entire team deeply believes a connection with nature is imperative to happiness. There is a simplicity in discovering the outdoors.

In walking its river banks, and climbing its trees and steep mountainous faces - being up close and personal with all that is wild. It is with this inspiration that we build our off grid technology.

Heart Forward, Conscious Design

We are not here to rake in the same big profits of our competitors. Our company ethics align in the same way we live our lives – just enough to get by. This means our product is designed and manufactured in opposition to planned obsolescence. We want our products to be used and last a lifetime. The products we build maximize functionality while working on an efficient budget. Why gate keep when you can set people free?


Help Us Boot Strap Our Way To A Better World

What if we could minimize our environmental and monetary impact, and build a better world with the resources we’ve saved?

We love supporting conservation and environmental access causes. The bottom line is important, but protecting our earth comes first.


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