Discovering Solar

Solar Components

At Teragy, we know the struggle of becoming your own overnight electrical professional. That's why we've laid out 4 easy to understand tutorials to get you where you need: understanding solar. Roam through our tutorials, do a few practice problems, and don't for get to have fun. We'll see you at our system builder!

What is a Solar Battery?

Solar batteries are commonly made with Lithium Iron Phosphate. Think of your batteries as a back up system, the same as you would a generator for your house. On days where sun isn't available, your batteries do all the work to power your life. More capacity, means a longer back up.

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Solar batteries are commonly made with Lithium Iron Phosphate

Isn’t that the Solar Panel’s Job?

Yes, but there's more. Your batteries need to be recharged. The purpose of the solar panel is to offset your day's usage of electricity by directly powering your day's usage, while simultaneously recharging the energy you used the night before.

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What does a Solar Controller /Charger do?

The solar charge controller translates the power of the sun, to a useable power source for the rest of your battery system. It manages your solar array energy, and converts it to a more usable and stable energy source.

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A solar charge controller translates the power of the sun

Why Do I Need an Inverter?

A inverter takes the ocean of Direct Current (DC) produced by your solar system, and translates it into Alternating Current (AC) for your house appliances. Imagine trying to plug your toaster into a cigarette car lighter - you'd need an adapter. The “adapter” would be the inverter.

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But How Do I Know What I Need?

If you're asking about watts, amps, volts, AC & DC current, we've got great news for you. You don't have to bore yourself with that. Just make a list of your everyday electronics, and use our system builder. Let our experience and expertise replace your research - after all, putting it all together is what's fun!

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